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Protect Our Choice.

Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention.








"Women have struggled for decades to have a seat at the table."

This process will not be inclusive, making it vulnerable to powerful special interests that do not stand for the people of New York, especially those already underrepresented."

Robin Chappelle Golston
President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts


Protect Our Choice. Take Action. Vote NO on a Constitutional Convention.

Every 20 years, voters in New York are faced with the question of whether they want to hold Constitutional Convention to revise and rewrite the New York Constitution.

A constitutional convention is a complicated, expensive and potentially dangerous undertaking that is also unnecessary, as we already have a process for amending the state constitution through legislative action. Unfortunately, we can also count on well-financed conservatives to push an ideological agenda, ensuring average New Yorkers’ needs are not reflected by the convention.



Join New Yorkers and Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts – pledge to vote no on November 7th.

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What's at risk:
reproductive rights

Uncertainty regarding the future of the U.S. Supreme Court leaves the legal right to reproductive choice hanging in the balance. If conservatives add restrictions through the constitutional convention process and we lose a decision in the high court, women in New York could be left without the legal right to make fundamental decisions about their own bodies.


Why does Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts oppose a constitutional convention?

Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts believes in empowering all New Yorkers and supports a process that has checks and balances and cannot be manipulated by special interests. We see this process as vulnerable to insiders and conservative outsiders with big wallets that can make us as a state go backward instead of forward.

In these perilous times with DC extremists bent on rolling back our access to reproductive health, having New York protect our rights is needed more than ever. However, we do not see the constitutional convention as a safe way to protect our reproductive rights because we could lose more than we gain. We believe the legislative and constitutional amendment process is the safest and most inclusive way to strengthen our laws and protect all New Yorkers, especially those who are underrepresented.